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Mosen Defrawy, MD

My name is Dr. Mosen Defrawy, M.D. I have over 30 years of clinical experience in medical practice. As early as medical school had a strong interest in body-mind medicine. In 2008 I succumb to a condition called adrenal fatigue.  Now in traditional medical circles, this condition is not recognized and is sometimes considered psychosomatic.  It was with diligent effort that I discovered my condition was hormone-related and was correctable with hormone therapy combined with natural supplements. In. In subsequent years I got to meet and work with other physicians practicing functional and natural medicine and I developed a keen interest, particularly in areas of anti-aging hormone replacement therapy.  In 2019 I began my certification fellowship in Metabolic and Anti-aging Medicine


I discovered that most people who make the effort to maintain quality of health and lifestyle also take the time and effort towards their aesthetics, their looks, and their presentation.  I was surprised to find this field has such strong growing demand.  The level of technology and innovation in Cosmetic Medicine over the past 20 years has been phenomenal. There are so many treatment options that can be tailored to patients' needs.  That is why in 2021 I completed my certification in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine and I am very excited to enter this specialty and render treatments

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